LA Freeway Fire

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:31:00 GMT

This is a snapshot of a higher resolution image taken by the EO-1 Advanced Land Imager.  The actual pan-sharpened images (10m resolution) are about 250MB each.  Our goal is to generate these products in less than 12 hours of an emergency to the fire management authority.




San Diego Wild Fires

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Wed, 24 Oct 2007 00:22:00 GMT

NASA support has been requested in for a state of emergency so we are all trying to help as we can. We have modified our GEOSS workflows to monitor the situation in the San Diego area. Fire threats are being detected based on MODIS data and EO-1 is being tasked twice a day to image the area.

RESTful workflows implemented using OpenWFERu are being used to process the imagery to deliver the data to the first responders. First thermal imagery processed onboard the satellite has been downlinked and is available on Higher resolution data will be available as soon as possible.

As more than 500,000 people are being evacuated and many are loosing their homes, our prayers and thoughts are with you.