PubSubHubBub: Real-time Event Notifications For Our OGC Services

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Sat, 12 Sep 2009 16:35:00 GMT

Leveraging another Google feat with the newly minted PubSubHubBub protocol or PSHB, interested users can now get real-time notifications when new products from EO-1 are available.  Rather than polling our server at:, consumers can subscribe for that feed at:

They can enter their own callback to receive changes as it happens.

This capability is also now built-in Feedburner, Google Alerts and Google Reader.  More on TechCrunch

The same feed is available on FeedBurner:

But why would you subscribe to it there?  unless you are a human!

Feel free to use Google Reader and add that feed to your favorites.


A WFS-Basic as a Geo-Atom Store 1

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Mon, 06 Aug 2007 01:45:00 GMT

Here is the plan for a demo:

A Web Feature Server (WFS) in its basic incantation is really a store of geospatial collections that can be accessed using RESTful services.

Building Web Services the REST way has been a very hot topic in the Rails Community.

Rails 1.2 can quickly allow you to build such services and return xml or html on-demand. JSON or [Geo]-rss/atom could be returned as easily in a similar manner.

The idea here is to return a GeoAtom Feed that could follow a similar structure as GData with a namespace specific to that WFS and an additional extension for the geospatial component.

Discovering the meta-data should be feasible using a meta-data feed and probing a specific url.

This would give us many services to access the various collections and the meta-data. The whole package could be described using a service document as proposed in the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) that would describe all the available services. This document itself would be available at a specific url.

Searching the WFS would be done via OpenSearch-Geo which is another REST service returning atom or KML feeds.

The goal is to implement this for the upcoming ESTO/AIST Fire Management demo this summer and support the GEOSS Pilot effort this fall. This is also in line with our participation into the OWS-5 Agile Geography testbed.

A Few Links:

Get to know APP

Dreaming of An Atom Store