What is Your GEOSS Value-Added Rating as a Data Provider?

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Wed, 17 Jul 2013 12:06:00 GMT

Points    If you…

+1        Open publish scientific papers (accessible by all for free)
+2        Open publish data (with unrestricted access)
+2        Use JSON/Atom/RSS feeds for your data/products
+2        Extend feed with geo/activity streams
+3        Associate one or more GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (SBA) with data product
+3        Identify source/quality/limitations of product for GEOSS user
+2        Use feed aggregator (Feed burner, Superfeedr…)
+3        Use OGC Standard Services for data access (WMS/WMTS/WCS/WPS…)
+2        Use Single sign-on using existing social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter…)
+2        Allow data retrieval for specific user location at < 1km resolution and specified range/radius
+2        Allow user subscription for data in area of interest and automatic notifications
+3        Allow user discovery, access and visualization of data on mobile platform
+3        Allow user sharing of local data with friends or local Community of Interest
+5        Allow users to provide local data feedback
+10      Improve product based on local user feedback