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Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Fri, 25 Apr 2008 21:46:00 GMT

Since Sandy Kemsley asked the question, I will try to attempt to explain this a second time.

Architecture & Process 2008 is a great avenue to expose users & architects to new key technologies.

Enterprise Architecture and current BPM initiatives are pretty much based on a SOAP-based architecture. This is a wonderful high-octane technology, if you and your pit crew can afford it. But this is reserved to an elite group targeting a niche market: Corporate America 500 that can afford it.

WfXML-R targets that rest of the market (or the remaining 80% of it) with a simpler approach based on several Web 2.0 standards and protocols including Atom/AtomPub, GData, OpenSearch and OpenID/OAuth to manage user authentication, secure transactions and user authority delegation to workflows. The last two standards were the final keystones to a RESTful architecture that can be used at the Enterprise level.

So what is this doing at this Conference? Hummmmm????

An RESTful interoperable and non-proprietary standard sponsored by the WfMC and the OpenGeoSpatial Consortium will be a huge achievement for this Community.

The OGC demonstrated three interoperable workflow engines during OWS-5 using WfXML-R inclusing OpenWFE and a BPEL engine. Hitachi Interstage and the SUNGARD Carnot may very well be next based on discussions we had this week.

It is at least satisfying that some other people such as Jason Woodruff got it right away and seem pretty excited about it. And yes, Jason, Interface 3 could be another one that ought to be included. But not this time! BPAF is next and I will let Michael zur Muelhen announce it very soon :).


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    Sandy Kemsley 7 days later:

    I’m completely aligned with the idea of using lighter-weight interfaces for BPM, and for enterprise integration in general – in fact, I’m hosting a panel on enterprise mashups at Enterprise 2.0 next month – but your presentation didn’t leave me with a clear picture of how the technologies that you were discussing were specifically related to process. I’d like to hear more about WfXML and how it can be used for the type of mashups that I think should be possible with BPM systems, but often aren’t.