RESTful WfXML accepted by the WfMC 4

Posted by Patrice Cappelaere Thu, 24 Apr 2008 01:13:00 GMT

After three days working with the WfMC technical committee in Washigton DC this week, Wf-XML will hopefully get its official RESTful bindings very soon. Keith Swenson has been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about the effort. We will probably see the Fujitsu Interstage engine sporting the new bindings following closely the efforts on the SUNGARD Carnot engine led by Michael zur Muehlen and Phil Hansen at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. There are rumors of a possible interoperability bake-off to be announced in a few months…Hummmm…Stand-by!

An intersting question came up. How do you explain the difference between SOAP and REST in less than 30 seconds without using any technical terms?

Let’s try this metaphor:

Toyota Camry: Great american favorite, inexpensive, easy to drive, low maintenance, last forever… You can pass it on to your kids.

Toyota Indy complete with Pit Crew Support – High technology, exciting, cool, expensive, needs that crew. Is this for your market?

Is this getting close?


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    Tarek about 14 hours later:

    Which is which?

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    Linda Derezinski about 19 hours later:

    RESTFul == Camry, SOAP == Indy

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    John 13 days later:


    is there an up to date version of the WfXML-R document somewhere ?

    Is the version 0.4 at the one ?



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    Pat Cappelaere 14 days later:


    Version 5 is still in the works. Keith Swenson promised to have his changes in very soon…. Regards, Pat.